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Physical Therapy in Louisville, CO | Contrology Studio Pilates

Physical Therapy

Wellness Suite in Louisville, Colorado


Contrology Studio’s new Wellness Suite integrates both physical therapy and Pilates.
Our healing space delivers holistic therapeutic care to patients and clients coming in with orthopedic injuries, post-surgical, pelvic floor diagnoses, and individuals seeking pre-and post-natal wellness.
Our trusting therapists have high-level degrees and certifications to provide the gold standard of care.
Physical therapy treatments will include manual techniques, potential internal manipulation if you are seeking pelvic floor care, and movement based medicine utilizing our state of the art Pilates equipment. 
We want you to leave sessions feeling empowered in your day-to-day life. 

Physical Therapy Evaluations


New physical therapy patients will start with an initial evaluation. This is a comprehensive evaluation performed 1:1 with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. This session will include an evaluation, a discussion of current symptoms, and the client’s chief complaint. Evaluations will also include home exercises/strategies and self-management recommendations. Your personal therapist will assist you in creating appropriate goals for you to reach both in and outside the clinic. 

Please log in to your Wellness Living account before your initial visit. Filling out your health history form beforehand allows us to spend all our time face-to-face.

*For clients booking an Initial Evaluation appointment for a Pelvic Health Concern, please contact us via phone or email so we can best prepare and support you for any internal examination that may need to be conducted. 

*Pelvic Health Evaluations and Examinations are conducted in a private room, completely discreet. The Doctor of Physical Therapy is trained and educated on the performance of internal transvaginal or transrectal examination to best determine the course of treatment. Following the examination, the patient and therapist will review findings and formulate a plan to best reach your goals.

Dr. Ghidotti helped to change the quality of my life. Through conversation, exercise and movement, and pelvic floor therapies, she taught me how to address issues and improve my body’s ability to function correctly and effectively. I feel more confident and able to bring that care forward into my daily routine. It’s time to thrive

Physical Therapy Appointments

Choose from a variety of Physical Therapy Packages in Louisville, CO, or a Telehealth session.


All Physical Therapy follow-up visits are 1:1 with your physical therapist.  Sessions may include manual therapy/ soft tissue mobilization, potential internal manipulation, joint mobilization or manipulation, exercise, home exercise modifications and education (strategies and products). Treatment plan will progress based on your personalized program.

We find most issues can be treated in 4-8 visits. See package options as they are available for purchase. 


Telehealth appointments are available for clients that are unable to travel to in person appointments, poor weather/driving conditions, and/or are sick. We use a HIPPA regulated video service that allows therapists and clients to connect for ~45 minutes to discuss education and movement-based programs. New clients that may be out of state are able to select a Telehealth Evaluation to review condition, anatomy and create goals.


As we are a cash pay Physical Therapy practice, we understand the value of your time and money. We promise to deliver exceptional one one-on-one care with the patient being the center of all treatment sessions.

All in-person physical therapy sessions will last 50 minutes, and Telehealth physical therapy appointments will last 45 minutes.

No referral is needed from a physician, and upon request, we can provide you a copy of a billable note to submit to your out-of-network benefits.

Physical Therapy in Louisville, CO | Contrology Studio Pilates


Rehab integrative pilates involves exercises that focus on core stability, muscle balance, motor control, alignment and breathing techniques. Rehab-Pilates aims to create a movement experience that is positive- where the patient will receive encouragement and reassurance throughout their journey. 

There has been a growing body of evidence on the relationship between Pilates intervention and patient recovery. Pilates has gained popularity as a mainstream rehabilitation tool in several clinical settings. Pilates can be used in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions.

Proprioception (spatial awareness) is an important component in injury recovery, forming a link between your musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Pain and prolonged habits can lead to compensatory movement patterns that can sometimes be contributing to ongoing pain and dysfunction. Mobilizing early is important in decreasing the convalescent period, especially following a musculoskeletal or pelvic injury. 

Physical Therapy and Pilates

Contrology Studio – Wellness Suite located in Louisville, CO offers a wide range of Physical Therapy services designed to address your specific preferences and needs – from pelvic health, post-surgical and orthopedic conditions. 

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will evaluate your body as a whole to get to the root of the problem. This will allow them to decrease your symptoms, as well create a practical plan to address your issue. One-on-one physical therapy sessions include soft tissue mobilization, manual therapy, rehabilitative Pilates and movement re-education to help you heal from your injury, as well as reduce pain, and achieve your movement goals.  As a team, our physical therapists and patients will progress through a personalized physical therapy treatment program striving to reach the client’s goals efficiently and effectively.

Pilates helps you become responsible for your own rehabilitation, actively teaching you about your individual body and how it moves- this way, when you leave the clinic, you have confidence in your day-to-day life. 

The flexible nature of Pilates exercises encourages patients to move at their own pace, gradually increasing the incline of activity to match their capabilities.

Physical Therapy in Louisville, CO | Contrology Studio Pilates

Contrology Studio Physical Therapists

The Physical Therapists at Contrology Studio are all highly trained and accredited.


Prenatal Physical Therapy in Louisville, CO | Contrology Studio Pilates
Contrology Studio Physical Therapists in Louisville, CO:


Whitney Shea, PTA, CPT, RYT is the owner of Contrology Studio and is a is a Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Pilates Teacher, and Registered Yoga Teacher.

Learn More About Whitney

Cori Ghidotti, PT, DPT has her Doctorate In Physical Therapy and has been practicing orthopedics and pelvic health/women’s wellness for 3 years.

Learn More about Cori

I feel so fortunate to have found Cori as my Pelvic Floor PT. Cori has been instrumental in helping me deal with my pelvic pain and its causes. She listened to my concerns with compassion and then developed a path to move forward that made me feel supported and empowered. Cori has a wealth of knowledge that she is able to pull from that includes a wide variety of different tools and ideas. She works on treating the whole person which has led to so much overall progress in both my pain and overall well-being. I feel so lucky to have her on my team!

Pelvic Health and Other Conditions Treated by Contrology Studio Physical Therapists

Pelvic Pain/ Chronic Pain
Vaginismus/ Vulvodynia
Post Hysterectomy
Post Cesarean section/ Abdominal pain
Menstrual Pain
Coccyx Pain
Low back/ Hip Pain

Uterine Prolapse
Bladder Incontinence – Stress, Urge, Mixed
Overactive Bladder
Bladder Pain

Rectal Pain
Fecal Incontinence

Prenatal Care – associated pain (low back, hips, pelvis)
Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
Pain with intercourse or vaginal insertion
Well Visits post vaginal delivery
Well visit post C-section

Post Prostatectomy
Post Hip Replacement
Post Knee Replacement
Post Spinal procedures
Colorectal Procedures

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
Hip Pain
Shoulder Pain
Long COVID Fatigue
Running Injury, Biking Injury, Skiing Injury
Osteoporosis, Osteopenia
Herniated Disk
Pinched Nerves
Ankle Sprain, Knee Sprain, Wrist Sprain
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